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We are delighted to host our unique style of Tea Duelling, Splendid Teapot Racing, Compliment Duelling, Tea Parties, and a variety of presentations.


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Join Madame Askew for in person sewing workshops, weekend intensives and retreats throughout the year. Focusing on the joyful process of creation and sharing tools for continued learning, Madame Askew teaches on a wide range of sewing topics from corsetry to hat making.

Fashionable Amusements

About Us

Madame Askew and the Grand Arbiter met at a fixed point in time, during a small birthday fête for a mutual friend. In that instant, the two time travelers realized they had met their essential other. The universe shifted forever, and they have been happily traveling, performing, and creating art together ever since. For over 10 linear earth-years, they and the delightful members of the Temporal Entourage have enjoyed adventures across time and space and hope you will join them.

Madame Askew is a time-traveling tea aficionado, obsessed with tea, fashion, and the proper uses for headgear. She is often the center of tea-inspired escapades, particularly Tea Duelling and Splendid Teapot Racing, and a great advocate of Compliment Duelling. When Madame is not preoccupied with tea or training interns in her laboratory, she operates a small atélier where she teaches various sartorial arts and creates fanciful garments for ladies and gentlemen.

The Grand Arbiter is the highest authority on compliments, wit, and Tea-based Justice. Not only is the Grand Arbiter an enthusiast of the fine art of Tea Duelling and the splendours of Splendid Teapot Racing, but he is also a vocal proponent for extraordinary waistcoats paired with the perfect coiffure. He is also an Avatar of Chaos, but one rarely mentions that at a proper tea. With his penchant for entropy, tumult, and cunning, it can be no surprise that the Grand Arbiter spends his time away from the tea table creating table games. When not walking his widow’s walk in far off Cascadia or judging matters of honor, he is normally found living a deeply hedonistic lifestyle.

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