The Tea Scouts

Quests, Friendship & Good Deeds

Advocates for Tea, Inclusivity, Kindness, and Philanthropy:
Tea shared makes the best cup of tea!

TeslaCon Quest Chains

Devotea (Complete 4 of 5)

Have a cup of tea with a friend

Attend or participate in a Tea Duel

Visit the Tea Room

Meet a Tea Scout

Take someone in need a cuppa

Panini Paradox (Complete 5 out of 7) 

Take a Panorama of your favorite spot at the convention

Panic at the Disco–Perform a Disco publicly (Take a video or photo)

Pancake–eat Breakfast; it’s the most important meal of the day.

Pose with your Pillowcase Cape and take a selfie

The Pandora Box–unleash your suitcase explosion. Take a picture

Pangalactic Gargleblaster–Hydrate! 

Plethora of Plague Doctors–Find a Doctor in their signature mask

Tiaras and Tassels (complete 4 of 6)

Attend an evening party and take a Selfie

Acquire a tassel by entirely virtuous means

Twirl a tassel on any appendage you prefer

Swan about dramatically in a tiara. Take a photo

Bow or Curtsy to a person wearing a tiara

Dance like a tassel. Take a video or photo

Le Grand Chapeau (complete 4 of 6)

Find a Bowler and take a photo

Find a Fez and take a photo

Find a Top Hat and take a photo

Find une grande dame avec un chapeau and take a photo

Ogle the goggle upon a fine chapeau and take a photo

Be fascinated by a fascinator and take a photo

Beyond Worldly Traveler (complete 4 of 7)

Find a steam engine and take a photo with it

Find or create a work of art and take a photo

Tour the “Underground” at Teslacon & find 3 of the following: panel rooms, vendor hall, the tea room, the atrium, and the Swimming Baths. Take photos

Participate in a scavenger hunt

Learn secrets about Mars or attend a panel about Mars

Find a restaurant or canteen and enjoy a cup of tea or small meal

Sub Rosa (complete 4 out of 6)

Engage in a Surreptitious Parasol Duel–official or otherwise!

Be caught in a Compliment Duel–official or sub rosa!

Meet one of the Seamstresses of the Seven Seas

Discover a Martian in our midst–try to escape and take a photo

Hide under a red cloak, cape, or other red contrivance. Take a photo

Confound the Ruffle Constabulary with your Fantastic Ruffles

The Oath:

As a Tea Scout,
I promise to be a good citizen of steampunk and always try to be honest, helpful, courteous and kind. I will stay calm and put the kettle on.

Tea Prepared!


The Tea Scouts are a group of Steampunks who want to provide a positive community for like-minded adventurers to have fun, inspire creativity, foster philanthropy, and, of course, drink tea.


Earn badges by completing Tea Scout quests!

Bickie – Starting Level
Cake – 6 badges
Crumpet – 9 more badges
Scone – 12 more badges
Cuppa – 18 more badges


Meet the Tea Scouts at Steampunk conventions and events, or send us aetheric correspondence for assistance starting your own troop. Find the Tea Scouts on the aetherweb at the links on the right.