The Tea Scouts

Quests, Friendship & Good Deeds

Advocates for Tea, Inclusivity, Kindness, and Philanthropy:
Tea shared makes the best cup of tea!

Gaslight Expo Quest Chains

Devotea (Complete 4 of 6)

Have a cup of tea with a Spirit 

Attend or participate in a Tea Duel

Haunt a Teapot Race

Summon a Tea Scout into your presence

Commune with the ghost of a departed cup of tea

Seek your fortune at the Tea Leaf Reading

Other Worldly Traveller (Complete 4 of 5)

Attend a seance

Discover a curiosity or oddity in the Vendor Hall. Take a photo

Perform a Dance Macabre at the Ball. Take a short video or photo

Rouse the spirits with your singing at karaoke

Pay your respects at the Ofrenda

Shrouded in Sartorial Succour (Complete 4 of 6)

Spot a Caftan in the wild. Take a photo

Develop a cunning ghost trap using a cravat. Take a photo

Unleash the cursed luggage within your room. Take a photo

Pierce the veil by taking a photo of a mysterious chapeau

Divine your day’s fortune using the mirror in your boudoir. Take a photo

“Broach” the subject of appropriate mourning jewellery with a living friend or friendly spirit

Out of Body Experience (complete 4 of 6)

Summon the courage to ask a question during a panel

Meet a medium or a mystique in the morning or in mourning

Witness the Glory of inanimate hobby horses brought to life. Take a photo

Treat yourself to a new skill and pick up a few tricks at a workshop

Exorcise your thirst at the con-quite

Be your own Dr Frankenstein and embalm yourself with appropriate libation. Take a photo

Creature Feature (complete 5 of 7)

Don’t invite a Vampire into your room but do see if they will show up in a photo

Where wolf? There wolf! Take a photo

Try not to get ghosted when asking a dearly departed spirit for a photo

Light up the room with a friendly Jack O’Lantern. Take a photo 

Sit a spell with a witch and take a photo

Mash it up with a friendly Monster at the Ball. Take a photo

Pay court to one of the Fae. Take a photo

Appease the Spirits (complete 4 of 6)

Embrace the spirit of Thing and lend a hand

Hold a door so that friendly spirits may pass

Waft the gentle breeze of the Other World to cool a suffering spirit

Bypass the planchet and provide directions to a wayward soul

What would Lurch do? Find a seat or offer your own to a weary traveller

Invite a restless phantom to join you for a repast or refreshment

The Oath:

As a Tea Scout,
I promise to be a good citizen of steampunk and always try to be honest, helpful, courteous and kind. I will stay calm and put the kettle on.

Tea Prepared!


The Tea Scouts are a group of Steampunks who want to provide a positive community for like-minded adventurers to have fun, inspire creativity, foster philanthropy, and, of course, drink tea.


Earn badges by completing Tea Scout quests!

Bickie – Starting Level
Cake – 6 badges
Crumpet – 9 more badges
Scone – 12 more badges
Cuppa – 18 more badges


Meet the Tea Scouts at Steampunk conventions and events, or send us aetheric correspondence for assistance starting your own troop. Find the Tea Scouts on the aetherweb at the links on the right.