The Tea Scouts

Quests, Friendship & Good Deeds

Advocates for Tea, Inclusivity, Kindness, and Philanthropy:
Tea shared makes the best cup of tea!

Chicago Steampunk Expo Quest Chains

Explore the Fae Territories (Complete 4 of 5)

  • Find a favorite artifact or piece of art from the fae world; take a photo
  • Visit the fantastical merchants in their hall
  • Meet a fae creature native to this strange land and take a photo with them (Ask for photo consent first!)
  • Discover a map for your adventures here and use it as a guide
  • Enjoy the dulcet tunes of an otherworldly musical performance

Devotea (Complete 4 of 5)

  • Savor a cup of tea with a friend
  • Attend a tea related panel or party
  • Lend a hand to someone in need
  • Meet a Tea Scout
  • Donate to the Nourishing Hope Chicago Pantry Drive

Find Your Wings (Complete 4 of 6)

  • Introduce yourself to a winged fairy and take a photo (Ask for photo consent first!)
  • Learn a new fae skill at a workshop or demonstration
  • Meet an author and take a photo with one of their books 
  • Ask a question of the fae during a panel
  • Spread your wings and try something you’ve never done before
  • Participate in, or observe, a parasol duel

The Oath:

As a Tea Scout,
I promise to be a good citizen of steampunk and always try to be honest, helpful, courteous and kind. I will stay calm and put the kettle on.

Tea Prepared!


The Tea Scouts are a group of Steampunks who want to provide a positive community for like-minded adventurers to have fun, inspire creativity, foster philanthropy, and, of course, drink tea.


Earn badges by completing Tea Scout quests!

Bickie – Starting Level
Cake – 6 badges
Crumpet – 9 more badges
Scone – 12 more badges
Cuppa – 18 more badges


Meet the Tea Scouts at Steampunk conventions and events, or send us aetheric correspondence for assistance starting your own troop. Find the Tea Scouts on the aetherweb at the links on the right.