The Tea Scouts

Quests, Friendship & Good Deeds

Advocates for Tea, Inclusivity, Kindness, and Philanthropy:
Tea shared makes the best cup of tea!

COGS Expo Quest Chains

Devotea (Complete 4 of 5)

Attend a tea related panel or event

Visit the Tea Parlor

Meet a Tea Scout 

Find the Tea Tzar

Take a person in need a cup of tea

Introduce yourself to Sam, the Tea Captain

Lost at Tea (Complete 4 of 6)

Find and explore the Vendor Hall

Discover the Charity Auction

Venture forth to the Western Frontier, the Far East, and the Disappearing Isles. Take a selfie at each location

Forge your way to Stage 1 or 2 for an adventure

Enjoy a libation with a friend in the Pub or the Tea Parlor. Take a selfie

Explore the wonders of the Workshop or the Game Room

Ahoy, me heart-teas! (Complete 6 of 8)

Find International Man of Mystery, Tobias McCurry

Witness the Dandy Parade in All its Glory

Experience a Steam-Funk Studios Adventure

Discover a Tassel Wielding Cryptid

Encounter a Captain bound for an Expedition. Take a selfie

Behold the glory of Victor and the Bully

Attend a workshop or learn a new skill

Take a PJ party selfie at the end of the day’s exploits

The Oath:

As a Tea Scout,
I promise to be a good citizen of steampunk and always try to be honest, helpful, courteous and kind. I will stay calm and put the kettle on.

Tea Prepared!


The Tea Scouts are a group of Steampunks who want to provide a positive community for like-minded adventurers to have fun, inspire creativity, foster philanthropy, and, of course, drink tea.


Earn badges by completing Tea Scout quests!

Bickie – Starting Level
Cake – 6 badges
Crumpet – 9 more badges
Scone – 12 more badges
Cuppa – 18 more badges


Meet the Tea Scouts at Steampunk conventions and events, or send us aetheric correspondence for assistance starting your own troop. Find the Tea Scouts on the aetherweb at the links on the right.