Steampunk CommuniTea Weekend Registration Links

My dear friends! General registration for the panels, discord, and social events closes on Wednesday at 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern. Make certain to follow the link to ticketleap to sign up for free! General Registration Join the Coffin Breakers on Friday! Tickets are available until noon Pacific/3pm Eastern day of the show: Coffin Breakers Join Nathaniel … More Steampunk CommuniTea Weekend Registration Links

SCW Guest Announcement: Danielle Ackley-McPhail

Steampunk CommuniTea Weekend Special Guest Author and Publisher Award-winning author, editor, and publisher Danielle Ackley-McPhail has worked both sides of the publishing industry for longer than she cares to admit. In 2014, she joined forces with husband Mike McPhail and friend Greg Schauer to form her own publishing house, eSpec Books ( Her published works … More SCW Guest Announcement: Danielle Ackley-McPhail

SCW Guest Announcement: Paige Gardner

Steampunk CommuniTea Weekend Special Guest Costumer and Luminary Paige Gardner CostumeArtist From: Birmingham, AlabamaPronouns: She, Her, HersProfession: Working Artist, Nationally Syndicated Writer / Media ConsultantHobbies: Guerilla thrifting, DIY home decor, and urban exploration.  CostumeArtist Instagram CostumeArt on FB About Paige Gardner Paige Gardner is an award-winning costume artist who regularly appears as a guest … More SCW Guest Announcement: Paige Gardner

SCW Guest Announcement: Professor Taelstrum

Steampunk CommuniTea Weekend Special Guest Performer and Luminary In a world drenched in blood, steam, and gears, Professor Taelstrum is a world-renowned vagabond and truth-teller. His Bandoleer of Legends contains his favorite stories and if you ask nicely, he might tell you a tale or two. He has been an anonymous face in the low … More SCW Guest Announcement: Professor Taelstrum

SCW Guest Announcement: Tayliss Forge

Steampunk CommuniTea Weekend Special Guest Costumer and Luminary Tayliss is a cosplay model and artisan crafter. She loves leather-working and creating custom corsets, bracers, purses, etc. Most of her time is spent as a head bridal seamstress in Orange County and making costumes. She also enjoys making replicas of jewelry, and clothing from movies, TV … More SCW Guest Announcement: Tayliss Forge

SCW Musical Guest Announcement: Nathaniel Johnstone

Steampunk CommuniTea Weekend Saturday Night Concert! Temporal Respite: A Reflective Evening with Nathaniel Johnstone Saturday night 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern — Sunday morning 1am UTC/9am Singapore Nathaniel Johnstone is a storyteller in song weaving tales of myth, magic, horror, romance, and whimsy. His vibrant sounds cross boundaries and borders, resulting in a blend of European, Middle … More SCW Musical Guest Announcement: Nathaniel Johnstone

SCW Guest Announcment: The Airship Ambassador

Steampunk CommuniTea Weekend Special Guest Luminary and Advocate Kevin Steil is the creator and editor for the steampunk news and information resource website, Airship Ambassador. On his interview blog, Kevin has talked with both new and established names in the steampunk community since 2010.  He has been a guest at numerous steampunk conventions, presenting interviews, … More SCW Guest Announcment: The Airship Ambassador