Welcome to COVIDween!

This year the Grand Arbiter and I have organized something a little different in collaboration with some of our favourite artists, muses, and organizations. Due to the pandemic, we wanted to create a little more fun during the month of October and also celebrate Halloween in a virtual and engaging fashion. Thus C.O.V.I.D.ween was born!

Welcome to our creative, outrageous, virtual, inclusive, and daring Halloween! For the rest of the month, you will find a variety of virtual events hosted primarily over zoom and later posted to YouTube. Some of these events will also stream directly to Facebook. (When possible, we will release either a transcript or have a sign language interpreter available for these events.)

As the month progresses, we will have more event listings, all of which you can find on our Facebook page. We already have quite a few fun things planned and scheduled:

Weekly creative challenges

Panels and Presentations

A Flash Fiction Contest

Follow the master schedule for updates! I shall also share details, links, and event registration information here so that Facebook is not your only portal for all of these lovely events! Of course, we will also continue our tradition of weekly Friday night and Saturday morning virtual tea parties and our wonderful virtual book club.

Thank you to our dear Temporal Entourage on Patreon who are making all of these events possible this month!


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