COVIDween: Week 3 Adventures!

My dear friends!

Every week, we host more than panels and live events for COVIDween; we’ve also been sharing several activities that you can do at your leisure!

COVIDween Movie of the Week: Nightmare before Christmas

Watch this family friendly film at any time this week and then join friends to discuss your experience and your love of the film on our Facebook event page. “The Nightmare before Christmas” is airing on Freeform throughout the month as well as streaming on Disney+, and available on Amazon Prime.

COVIDween Weekly Challenge 3

Whimsy, Creativity, Gothy goodness! Week 3!

Get creative, whimsical, and spooky with our weekly challenges. Complete as many or as few of the weekly challenges as inspire you! You’ll have until Midnight on Halloween to finish all of the challenges including this week’s installment.

If you complete 50% or more of the challenges, there will be swag! So remember to post, share, and tag your challenges on your preferred social media platform #COVIDweenChallenge

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