SCW Guest Announcement: Danielle McKinney

Steampunk CommuniTea Weekend Special Guest Costumer

Danielle McKinney is an independent artist and enrolled member of the Brothertown Indian Nation. An advocate of accessible fashion, she is the owner of Intaglio Couture; an atelier focusing on Neo-Victorian, Steampunk, and custom corsetry. Located in the Midwest, she caters to the LGBTQIA community and non-standard sizes. She received her Art Education Masters from UW Madison in 2007 and her Masters of Fine Arts (Sculpture) in 2009.

Her Steampunk experience includes co-creating and running the Moonlight & Mayhem Masked Ball, and presenting on panels for several Teslacons. She was the chair of Costume Con 34, and was president of the Madison Area Costuming Society. An avid convention fan; she has been attending and volunteering at events since 1995.

In addition to costuming for over 20 years, Danielle has assisted the Brothertown Indian Nation in their fight for Federal Acknowledgement as a member of the Petition writing team in 2005-2007. Additionally, she helped organize and present during the American Indians in Art Symposium held at UW Madison in 2008. Her writing has been published in several magazines ranging on topics from Indigenous Art, Feminism, Indian Art Education, Native American Diaspora, and Costuming.

Her interests include: Anime, Manga, Burlesque, Costume Design, Fabric, Event Planning, Writing, Art Education, Erotica, Historical Costuming, Modern Indigenous Fashion, Beading, Embroidery, Crochet, Cats, Tea, and reading copious amounts of Steampunk and Science Fiction.

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