SCW Special Guest Announcement: Jamie Butler

Steampunk CommuniTea Weekend Special Guest Costumer

Jamie Butler is a talented artist, milliner, costumer, and owner of two small businesses; Madcity Madhatter and Kitsune Costuming. She has judged costuming competitions, helped run conventions, and lead multiple workshops in making hats/headdresses. Her presence mainly exists on Instagram and Facebook in fanciful photo-shoots, but she is slowly building up her time-lapse collection on YouTube for mini tutorials. She started her bizarre (but oddly familiar) costume and tea fueled journey in 2002 when she discovered Renaissance Faires. From there, her interests exploded into historical, steampunk, faeries, mermaids, anime, and anything else you can fit in there. She proudly represents LGTBQIA+ by outfitting her plus sized bum with a rainbow horde of fabric that mainly consists of silk and rhinestones. Apart from the hats, her favorite part of the community is how many amazingly interesting people she has met along the way. Just like steampunk, the amalgamation of different people and ideas coming together to form something unique makes every long stitching night worth it!

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