SCW Guest Announcement: Phil Powell

Steampunk CommuniTea Weekend Special Guest Dandy and Luminary

Phil Powell is a black, gay, queer gothic steampunk dandy, and has been doing his dandyism as a fashion art form for over 12 years.  He’s featured in two steampunk fashion books as well as a steampunk-related textbook.  He is the 2019 and current 2020 titleholder for Best Dressed by Trade, one of the most popular gay bars in the U.S.  He hosts the annual Dandy Walk

at C.O.G.S. Expo, an annual Mid-Atlantic steampunk festival.  He uses his dandyism to promote diversity and inclusivity, and also as a platform to advocate for vulnerable and marginalized people, especially people of color and queer people of color.  He can be found on Instagram and TikTok as @your.dandy, and on Twitter as @DandyYour, and has his own website,

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