SCW Guest Announcment: The Airship Ambassador

Steampunk CommuniTea Weekend Special Guest Luminary and Advocate

Kevin Steil is the creator and editor for the steampunk news and information resource website, Airship Ambassador. On his interview blog, Kevin has talked with both new and established names in the steampunk community since 2010.  He has been a guest at numerous steampunk conventions, presenting interviews, and panel discussions about the community, books, movies, and more.  Kevin is the Executive Director and Curator of The Steampunk Museum. where he documents and shares the vast amount of information about steampunk in all of its forms and facets.  His goal for the museum is to create an online digital experience for everyone within and without the community to read, research, and learn about steampunk, its history and its present, as well as how it is evolving. Kevin is the creator of the annual month-long blog-a-thon which celebrates steampunk on a global level – Steampunk Hands Around the World.  People can find him through his daily news feed on social media, and view collected videos on YouTube – AATV, The Steampunk Channel. His work and participation can also be found in Vintage Tomorrows, the documentary film of the same name, and Steam Powered 2.

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