SCW Make Guest Announcements: Dee Astell, Charity Myhre, Dr Thadius Phul, and Prof Theodoric Brandywine

Steampunk CommuniTea Weekend Special Guest Makers and Luminaries

Dee Astell, the Countess Chaos

Dee Astell (Countess Chaos) is the chair of LepreCon 45 and the current chair of CoKoCon. Dee Chaired Westercon 70 and LepreCon 43 in 2017. She is the Fashion Manager for Wild Wild West Con. She’s held the title of Steampunk Event Coordinator/programmer for a variety of local conventions, as well as running a host of maker workshops in and out of Arizona.

She’s been a set photographer for many independent films, occasionally venturing in front of the camera for odd roles as well. She’s the founding director of the Arizona Penny Dreadfuls.

Charity Myhre

Charity is a crafter extraordinaire with more hobbies than time. She is proficient in crafting on a tight budget and upcycling due to necessity. No craft is off limits so her portfolio includes yarn crafts, sewing clothes and housewares, canvas painting, soap making, kitchen witchery, and minor apothecary arts.  Her motto is “make it as weird as 13 year old you wanted to be” in everything.

Find her online as Pixieopower

Picture is from Demicon 2019. Silk tie skirt made from upcycled vintage ties from thrift shops.

Alicia Rabb

Alicia Rabb learned to sew by trial and error, because she couldn’t find clothes that she liked.  Over the years, she has made costumes from a few different periods and geekdoms, currently she’s living in the Victorian Era. She has always been obsessed with hats and accessories, If she’s not making them, she’s collecting them. She has lots of books, a stockpile of tea, and a few swords. What more could a girl want?

Dr Thadius Phul

Dr Thadius Phul is a Gentleman from the Arizona Territories, an Inventor, Adventurer, Philosopher & Aethernaut he is also an Aetherships Cook, Chemist & Demolitions expert (not necessarily in that order). He also holds the title of Chef de Exobiologie.

Professor Theodoric Brandywine

Professor Theodoric Brandywine, scholar and gentleman, is frequently too humble to discuss his own accomplishments. (And now he must suffer from the praise of a Compliment Duelling Master) Renowned for his generosity as an instructor and his warm-welcome for newcomers to our Steampunk community, Professor Brandywine is also Master of the Airship Hyperbole, an adventurer, avowed devotee of Esperanto, duelist, and advocate for the arts of Bartitsu. A loyal friend, dedicated parent, and passionate mentor, Professor Brandywine also has a knack for timely quips and potent puns.

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