Reminder: Cog Match Game Tonight!

Cheese Supremacy Edition!

My darlings!

There is still time to register for tonight’s delightful free, virtual event! Just follow the link to ticketleap to register as either an audience member or contestant.

As a further enticement to join us for chaos, cheese, and conviviality, I am thrilled to introduce our special guest panelists!


Freddy Prinze Charming is an amazing Drag King and part of the always charming podcast Let’s Have a Fefe!

The incredible Felicia “Fefe” Minor is the other half of the Let’s Have a Fefe podcast and an absolutely fabulous Drag Queen.

The inimitable Beth Cato is not only an extraordinary author but also a gifted baker and the high priestess of cheese. Beware the baguette of judgement!

Eve Riot is one of our favourite collaborators. A riveting artist and performer, Eve is far more than meets the eye!

Robin Newquist is the Baking Maven and an incredible font of wisdom of all things comestible. Her power over yeast is legendary and rivaled only by her gift for all things cheese.

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