The TEArific Drag Challenge

A Fundraising Adventure

As out and proud queer time travelers, Madame Askew and the Grand Arbiter know we can always count on our incredible Temporal Entourage CommuniTea to support art and kindness, and right now, we are calling upon you to help us support, celebrate, and illuminate our Trans friends and family and the incredible Drag performers creating stunning art. With the siege on Trans rights and Drag Story Hour, our friends and family need kindness and support more than ever. So please join us in supporting these delightful humans both in our local communities and on a national level by participating in our fundraising efforts this week!

Donate to one of these charities and then fill out our google form. For each donation that you make, you may nominate a Drag performer whom you know and admire. You will receive a small digital token of our admiration, and your Drag performer nominee will be added to our drawing for one of the limited edition medals made by Madame herself.

Charity List:

The Drag Story Hour AZ —

The Arizona Trans Youth and Parent Organization —

The Outlaw Project —

The Splinter Collective —


The Trans Lifeline —

Google Form:

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