SCW Guest List

Our Steampunk CommuniTea Weekend Special Guest List

We are honoured and delighted that all of these incredible humans have joined us for our virtual weekend of tea, art, and friendship. Prepare to be inspired, amused, and edified! Please make them welcome in our virtual tea parlour and discord server throughout the convention.

~Madame Askew, the Grand Arbiter, and the CommuniTea Weekend Team

Authors & Publishers

Alex Acks Beth Cato
Catherine Lundoff
Danielle Ackley-McPhail
David Lee Summers
Day Al-Mohamed
Gail Carriger
Joyce Chng
Karen Carlisle
Madeleine Holly-Rosing
Maya Preisler
Nicole Givens Kurtz
Robert Dahlen


Audra Balion
Corey Brotherson
James Ng
Joe Phillips
Natalia Lopez
Yomi Ayeni


Bianca Hernandez
Cindy Bedford
Dee Astell
Hal Astell
Kevin Steil
Lisa Hager
Lizzieluv Trinkets
M. Leigh Hood
Mandisa Njeri
Medea Asherah
Ofeibea Loveless
Phil Powell
Professor Theodoric Brandywine


Brose Brothers
Danielle McKinney 
Ember Brennan Sparks
Jamie Butler
John Strangeway
Kate Martin
Paige Gardner
Tayliss Forge
Tony Ballard-Smoot


Alicia Rabb
Charity Myhre
Dave Lee
John Floyd
Peter Valentine
Sabrina Floyd


Lawrence Larouche
Nathaniel Johnstone
Professor Taelstrum
The Coffin Breakers

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