SCW Guest Announcement: Ember Brennan Sparks

Steampunk CommuniTea Weekend Special Guest Costumer

Lady Ember Brennen Sparks is a mad scientist of makeup and hair. 

She has extensive experience as a professional makeup artist and costume designer. Her specialty is wigs, but with over…uh…wow…MANY years of experience performing, creating and designing in theatre she offers many insights into character and costume creation. She arrived into the cosplay world with her first convention in 2010 and hasn’t stopped creating. Lady Sparks has a deep love of many fandoms from Steampunk to Marvel to Post Apocalyptic to Dr Who to Star Wars to pretty much anything Neil Gaimen has ever created or will create. She is also a full time licensed cosmetologist and owner and sole proprietor of All Is Vanity Expressions, which focuses on custom wig creation and hair and makeup styling for special events.
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