SCW Guest Announcement: The Brose Brothers

Steampunk CommuniTea Weekend Special Guest Makers

Benjamin and Casey Brose have had a passion for art since the time they were first able to hold a crayon. Over the past decade, Ben and Casey have advanced their creative abilities through their work with their own small business, Brose Brother Productions (BBP). BBP is a committed group of close friends and family aimed at using their creative energy to invent the unimaginable, and inspire those around them to take creative risks.

Ben has a creative drive that just won’t quit! With the flick of the digital pen, Ben spends his time creating logos for local businesses, producing designs for non-profit fundraisers, and crafting whatever silly idea pops into his head at any given moment. His ability to paint on-screen brings life to pencil lines that sit trapped on paper. 

His creativity doesn’t stop with the computer! Ben also excels at leatherwork, worbla construction, and set design. When Ben is not painting, inventing, or stitching,  he is working as a full-time educator at an Arizona-based aquarium. Here, he uses his charisma, enthusiasm, and abundant lack of volume control to educate guests about his greatest passion, the natural world. 

Casey’s passion for the arts has brought him to learn many skills such as hyper realistic animal illustrations, fossil reconstructions, 3D imaging and printing, tattoo designs, set fabrication and costume props. When he isn’t swimming with sharks or playing with an octopus, you can find Casey behind a laser table creating one-of-a-kind artistic pieces. 

Working together is the favorite activity of the Brose Brothers, and nothing brings them more joy than creating signature pieces, like their prop steampunk weaponry, that tell a unique story!

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