Steampunk CommuniTea Weekend Charity Raffle!

Benefiting the Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona

Enter to win one of our raffle packages! Winning Tickets* will be drawn on Sunday April 11th!

As part of our tradition of supporting a charity or non-profit organization at conventions, we’ve put together three raffle packages. All proceeds from this raffle will go directly to the Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona. Steampunk is a community of makers, artists, and creators. We value our art and our artists, and our team wanted to celebrate that community value with this raffle.

*Packages will be mailed to the winning ticket holders. Ticket Holders must be residents of the United States. We cannot ship internationally at this time.

Raffle Package 1: Steamy Tea
If there’s one beverage that steampunks love, it’s tea! This delightful package includes a variety of loose-leaf teas, two lovely tea cups and saucers in which to savor the teas, a copy of The Vitruvian Heir to dive into while sipping your tea, a pattern to create your own tea cups holsters to facilitate tea on the go, and a selection of steampunk jewelry to look extra steamy while enjoying it all.
Raffle Package 2 – Tea for the Mustached Steampunk
Those sporting a dashing mustache or beard need a special kind of tea cup to safely sip the delights of the brew.  This enticing package contains two mustache cups for safe sipping, a selection of loose leaf teas, a copy of The Curious Case of the Clockwork Man by Mark Hodder, a variety of steampunk findings for the discerning Steampunk maker, and a selection of steampunk artwork by the talented Audra Balion.
Raffle Package 3 – Steampunk Diversions and Delights
What is a steampunk with extra time on their hands to do? Why slip into a good book or spend an afternoon gaming with friends. This package includes a small library of steampunk novels with appropriate bookends for storing it safely upon your shelves. Steamy games include the HMS Delores, a game of divvying up the loot, and Tiffin, a Mumbai Lunch Delivery Game.

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